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Producing less cruelty vegan comfort food to support charities dedicated to fighting hunger and combating food waste.

Our Story

Soul Bite Food Inc. is a social enterprise that produces delicious vegan dishes created with traditional recipes from Eastern Europe and Middle East. Our line of award-winning vegan comfort food is designed for retail – and food service. It has flavour like you’ve never tasted before.

In 2016, volunteers joined together to take action on hunger and food waste around the world. The original idea was to give families an opportunity to take their mind off food insecurity and help protect the environment. It began in a single school, once a week. Since then, the charity known as Immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS) has grown to 25 locations with nutritious food delivered 7 day a week to more than 3500 people per month. We also prevent 1600 tons of CO2 emission. ILCS collects and re-distributes over $5 million worth of food annually.

Viable food that goes unsold, including surplus perishables, day-old goods or items near the best before date, is collected from grocery stores free of charge. This system not only provides food for people and families living with low income, who are refugees in transition or single moms, it also keeps usable food out of the landfill or composting system. Thereby putting the energy used to create our food to good use. ILCS moves over 900 tons of food annually.

The team’s goal has always been to meet the necessities of life for community members, especially in times where members are experiencing challenges accessing nutritious food.

After spending 5 years collecting and delivering food with personal vehicles, volunteer time, and paying expenses like gas out of pocket, we decided it was time to create a social enterprise. The intention behind Soul Bite was to help grow ILCS’s food distribution capacity to further serve the mission to re-distribute viable food to community members who would benefit from a supply of nutritious foods.

We make 5 scrumptious meals found in deli & frozen sections all around 4 different provinces.

Find us where you love to shop.

Soul Bite Food Inc. is excited to start this amazing journey with an award for BC’s Most Outstanding New Product at the From The Ground Up (FTGU) tradeshow.

Soul Bite Food - Global News

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