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Vegan Comfort Food


Taste Good, Does Good!
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Making a Global Impact: 50% of Our Profits Donated to Tackling Hunger and Food Waste!

Soul Bite funds projects dedicated to fighting hunger and combating food waste around the world. We do that by connecting you with traditional flavours from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our line of award-winning vegan comfort food is designed for retail – and food service. It has flavour like you’ve never tasted before.

We started our social enterprise journey through Immigrant Link Centre Society, and it is a charity we continue to support, today.

In our first year, Soul Bite won the Silver Award for BC’s Most Outstanding New Product at From the Ground Up (FTGU) Trade Show.

Today, we share our amazing story with the rest of the world!

Together, we can make a difference with every Soul Bite.

We use traditional spices to bring you flavours from around the world. Whether you are craving comfort food or looking for an easy snack to wow your friends, we invite you to eat with us to support food relief in your local community.

Together, we make a difference in thousands of lives by connecting food charities with the resources they need to feed community members.

Soul Bite offers vegan meals that you aren’t afraid to share with family and friends.


Our partners

We launched Soul Bite with the support and assistance of the Spirit of Coquitlam Grant, Vancity, and immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS). We are proud to say each of our partners has been an important part of our journey.

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