Vegan Comfort Made Easy

With every Soul Bite you’re taking action on hunger and food waste around the world

Soul Bite Food was founded to fund projects around the world dedicated to fight hunger and combating food waste.  Our company is donating 50% of its profit to charities such as Immigrant Link Centre Society. Soul Bite is proudly partnered with Vancity Credit Union and City of Coquitlam. 

Above and beyond being a social enterprise, Soul Bite Food wants to connect you with traditional vegan flavors from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. With our frozen line of Vegan Comfort Foods for retail and food service, you can experience flavorful vegan food like you’ve never seen before.

Recently our products won the Silver award for BC’s Most Outstanding New Product at the FTGU Trade Show. We are finally ready to share our amazing story with the rest of the world!

Experience vegan food you aren’t afraid to share. Flavors from all over the world combined into easy to heat, vegan meals that you can share with your family. And on top of being delicious, guess what? Soul Bite Food  was founded to fund projects around the world dedicated to fighting hunger.

We want you to experience Balkan Mushroom and Taste of Persia with every soul bite – traditional spices and modern techniques. Whether you are craving some comfort food or looking for an easy snack to really wow your friends, eat with us to support food relief in your local community. 

Together we can make a difference in thousands of lives by connecting food charities with the resources they need to keep feeding those in need. We are excited to finally be able to share our story.

Our Products

Taste of Persia

Stuffed Eggplant

Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Peppers

Balkan Mushroom


” Soul Bites is heavenly comfort food my whole family loves, plus it’s vegan! It is purely delicious food and so easy to prepare. They also support food relief in our local community and around the world – totally awesome.”

Gia Tran

Lotus Light Charity Society



“Comfort food at its finest, Soul Bite’s products are like a hug for the soul on a cold winter day.  My family devoured them without realizing they were vegan.  No meat, no compromise, thank you Soul Bites!”

Jessica Regan

CEO | Founder 

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